The viaduct is rubble and you can have a piece

Posted on Nov 19 2019 2:15 PM

Four columns are all that remain of the hundreds that once supported the Alaskan Way Viaduct. North of Pike Place Market, the contractor Kiewit has been methodically cutting apart the final stretch of viaduct near the Lenora Street pedestrian bridge. This week they will cut and lift the final pieces, dismantle the crane, and begin to demobilize. While slope stabilization and other punch list work remains, for public purposes the viaduct demolition is essentially complete.

Our final remaining time-lapse construction camera has captured the same perspective of Seattle’s waterfront since February. Here is the view looking south from Bell Street as the viaduct was munched, crunched, cut and picked into rubble.

Obtain a piece of historic concrete rubble at the Friends of the Waterfront space

We received many requests for commemorative pieces of viaduct concrete. At long last we have the answer: yes, you can have a piece.

Small pieces of concrete are available for free at the Waterfront Space at the corner of Western Avenue and Union Street. Friends of Waterfront Seattle runs the space to showcase plans for Seattle’s rebuilt waterfront. Here’s where and how to obtain a piece of viaduct history:

Looking ahead, construction is underway in the space where the viaduct once stood. The City of Seattle is building the two-way bus lanes on Columbia Street that will provide a connection for transit between Third Avenue and SR 99 south of downtown. South of Marion Street contractor crews are also mobilizing to begin early work on the new Alaskan Way surface street. Learn more about what’s to come by visiting Waterfront Seattle’s website or subscribing to their weekly construction email updates.

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