Jan. 18 to early March: Extended lane closures on SR 99/Aurora Avenue North

Posted on Jan 23 2016 7:35 PM
What's happening 
Drivers and commuters should plan for increased congestion during construction work that has reduced both directions of SR 99/Aurora Avenue North by one lane between the Aurora Bridge and just north of Mercer Street. Check out our program spotlight for more information on this closure and its timing. 
Closure details - SR 99 between the Aurora Bridge and just north of Mercer Street:
  • 8 p.m. Monday, Jan. 18 through mid-February
    • Median lanes close in both directions between the Aurora Bridge and just north of Mercer Street. 
    • An additional lane will close at night and during several weekends including Jan. 23-24. 
    • All traffic may use the southbound bus-only lane during the first phase of this work. Drivers should use caution since buses will travel – and stop – in the outside lane with other vehicle traffic.  


  • Mid-February through early March
    • Median lanes reopen. Northbound lanes reopen. 
    • The southbound right lane will be closed near Comstock Street. 
    • An additional southbound lane may close at night.

The schedule for this work is approximate and may change. We will keep the public informed as work progresses.

Animation showing lane closures 
Traveler tips

We anticipate additional backups on SR 99 for vehicles and buses, particularly during peak commute times. WSDOT is encouraging drivers and bus riders to:  

  • Allow plenty of extra time and expect additional congestion, especially during peak commute times, on SR 99 between the Aurora Bridge and downtown.
  • If possible, consider leaving early, delaying your trip or telecommuting to avoid traveling during peak commute times in the morning and afternoon.
  • If you must drive, know before you go and use WSDOT's travel tools or visit SDOT’s travelers information page.
  • Share a ride with King County Metro or in a car- or vanpool, or walk or ride a bicycle. If you ride the bus, please check King County Metro’s rider alerts or trip planning tools before you travel.


Bus rider information

During the first four to five weeks of work, southbound buses will travel – and stop – in the outside lanes with other vehicle traffic. Trips may take longer than normal so transit riders should allow extra travel time and, if possible, avoid traveling during peak commute times. King County Metro will have additional buses on standby to help maintain transit schedules.

‚ÄčWhat's happening?

Contractor crews building the northern approach to the new SR 99 tunnel will install the foundations for new overhead traffic signs. These signs require sturdy, concrete-encased pedestals along with communication lines, power lines and traffic sensors. Around-the-clock lane closures are necessary for crews to perform the work in a safe and efficient manner. Because of the small work area, some activities may take longer to complete and others can only be completed overnight when a second lane will be closed to provide a larger work zone.

WSDOT understands that these closures will be inconvenient for those who use SR 99 on a regular basis. As such, this work is being completed in winter when traffic volumes are typically lower and there are fewer special events. 

Nighttime and weekend work

In an effort to balance the needs of drivers and residents, some work will occur during nighttime and weekend hours. An additional lane may close at night and during some weekend days, including Jan. 23-24. This will provide additional work space for contractor crews. 


Contact us at viaduct@wsdot.wa.gov or 1-888-AWV-LINE (298-5463), or visit us at www.AlaskanWayViaduct.org


Originally posted Dec. 7, 2015.

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