Sprucing up the north portal

Posted on May 14 2018 4:43 PM

As we’ve mentioned before, the area surrounding the SR 99 tunnel’s north portal has changed a lot over the course of the project. Nearby cranes indicate that there’s still lots of construction in the area, but Seattle Tunnel Partners’ work is beginning to wind down.

Last month, following years of utility and other construction, STP began restoring surface streets near the north portal. This work is occurring south and west of STP’s work zone, and includes sidewalk and street restoration.

Closeup view of two crew members installing form work on Thomas Street
Crews set up forms in preparation for paving Thomas Street near the tunnel's north portal.

As roadway restoration continues, crews are building the remaining section of the tunnel’s north operations building. After building out the space that previously housed the tunneling machine’s disassembly pit, crews built the framework for the tunnel’s north operations building. They’re now working on the interior of the building.

View of the tunnel's north operations building with street restoration in front
Crews rebuild the tunnel's north operations building behind Thomas Street restoration.

The latest notification for street restoration is available on our construction notifications page. You can also follow progress at the north portal on our construction cameras page.

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