Parking removal along Alaskan Way beginning Sept. 24

Posted on Sep 20 2018 3:53 PM

This fall, we are moving Alaskan Way out from beneath the viaduct. This switch will help keep people moving along the waterfront during the #realign99 closure and afterward during viaduct removal. Alaskan Way will run along the waterfront between the piers and the viaduct, with two lanes in each direction.

Graphic showing the Alaskan Way Traffic Switch
Graphic showing Alaskan Way configuration after the traffic switch (click the image for larger version). Oct. 10 update: updated map to newer version.

Next week, crews will begin permanently removing parking spaces in front of the waterfront piers, between Yesler Way and Pike Street. Once removed, parking will be replaced with new traffic and pedestrian striping. Some of this work will be done on weekday nights to reduce impacts to the waterfront during the day. The road will be closed to drivers as crews complete this work. Access will be maintained for charter buses, passenger ferry pick-ups/drop-offs and deliveries. When the striping and traffic signal work is complete, the traffic switch to the new alignment will occur, currently scheduled for mid-October.

Crews will add angled parking beneath the viaduct as part of this work. Our goal is to install as many spaces as possible between South King and Union streets beneath the viaduct. Striping these spaces may take several weeks after the traffic switch occurs, meaning there will be a period of time when both the new and current parking spaces are not available for use. Once the spaces are in place, the contractor will be allowed to close them as needed to complete their work to remove the viaduct.

A free Waterfront Shuttle service provides free hop-on, hop-off rides to any of the 11 stops near downtown attractions and along the historic waterfront. The shuttle runs approximately every 20 minutes from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., seven days a week. For more information about the shuttle and parking garages along the waterfront, visit

Other construction along the waterfront

As crews continue their work, other waterfront projects are also preparing for the viaduct’s removal. Over the next couple of months, private utility companies will move utilities currently running on and beneath the viaduct. Waterfront visitors and travelers should expect work in various locations between South King and Pike streets, primarily in small areas and for relatively short durations, involving single lane closures and localized parking restrictions. For more information on other projects along the waterfront, visit


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