North Surface Streets Project reaches Phase 2 ahead of schedule

Posted on Jun 6 2019 1:40 PM

Map showing lane changes on Seventh Avenue NorthThe North Surface Streets Project is rebuilding Seventh Avenue North (formerly Aurora Avenue North) between Denny Way and Harrison Street. The finished product will be a new surface street with intersections at Thomas and John streets and dedicated transit lanes in both directions. Getting there, however, requires a series of lane configurations that keep people moving around construction.

Starting Saturday, June 8, the Seventh Avenue North travel lanes will be moved from the outside edges of the road to the inside, running on newly poured concrete between Denny Way and Harrison Street. Drivers will still be able to take right turns on and off Thomas and John streets, but (like today) will not be able to use either street for east-west travel across Seventh Avenue North.

This switch is occurring approximately one month earlier than originally scheduled. Moving travel lanes to the middle of the road allows the contractor to begin work on the outside lanes and sidewalks. This lane configuration will remain in place through the end of 2019.

Bus stop and Seventh Avenue entrance to close

The southbound bus stop between John Street and Denny Way will close on Saturday, June 8. It will be replaced when construction is complete in 2020, but until then riders should use the next bus stop on Wall Street at Fifth Avenue.

The leg of Seventh Avenue south of Denny Way (view on Google Street View) will also close permanently on Saturday. Crews will eventually build a sidewalk across this road, simplifying the Seventh Avenue North / Denny Way intersection.

Stay updated on work progress

Since work began in February the contractor Kiewit has focused their work on the middle of the road, filling in the trench that once carried Aurora Avenue North traffic into and out of the Battery Street Tunnel. With the middle lanes built, Kiewit will work on the outside lanes and sidewalks. Travelers in the area should expect sidewalks along Seventh Avenue North periodically closed for construction, and short-term closures of John or Thomas streets at Seventh Avenue North. You can track these closures on our Construction Notices and Detours page.

We provide weekly construction updates via our construction email list. You can also contact the project by email,, or by calling the 24/7 construction hotline at 1-888-298-5463.

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