Jan. 27 #Realign99 update: Gearing up for week three

Posted on Jan 27 2019 1:48 PM
Monday marks the start of the third week of the #Realign99 closure. Looking back at week two, we saw that regional traffic volumes resembled what we saw during the first week of the closure – a decrease of 1 to 6 percent. Based on that, it appears that commuters continued doing their part to reduce congestion.  
Rain played a big part in the Wednesday and Thursday commutes, resulting in greater congestion and longer travel times. The highest travel times for the morning commutes shifted about an hour earlier compared to the average for a typical weekday, and lasted longer than the typical average peak period. 
The takeaway? Keep doing what you’re doing as we enter the home stretch. In addition to tracking traffic conditions this week, we’ll be talking about the upcoming weekend of grand opening activities and shifting travel patterns after tunnel opening. If you haven’t already, check out these videos that talk about how to get around using the new SR 99 corridor.  
On the construction front, crews spent the weekend placing rebar, building barriers and performing electrical work. Several more concrete pours are scheduled to occur over the next few days. You can track construction progress on our time-lapse cameras
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