Jan. 12 project update: Seattle Tunnel Partners working to resolve barging issue

Posted on Jan 12 2016 9:57 AM
Jan. 12, 2016, 4:50 p.m. UPDATE: STP divers and marine surveyors continue to inspect damage at Terminal 46. Crews are assessing what needs to be done to safely stage a barge at Terminal 46 for loading.
STP is using a barge-mounted clamshell to transfer material from the damaged barge to another barge.
STP anticipates resuming tunneling and disposal of excavated materials after a third barge returns to the site from unloading excavated material at CalPortland’s Mats Mats reclamation facility in Port Ludlow. They must also confirm that a barge can be safely staged at Terminal 46.
As of Tuesday morning, STP had mined more than 190 feet and installed 30 concrete tunnel rings since Bertha first moved forward in the pit on Dec. 22. This brings the total distance tunneled to 1,280 feet and a total of 188 concrete rings.
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One of the barges Seattle Tunnel Partners is using to haul away excavated material began to list or lean to one side as STP crews loaded it early Tuesday.
To prevent damage to the conveyor system, STP released the barge from its moorage at Terminal 46. Some excavated clean soils were spilled into Elliott Bay. The barge then drifted into nearby Pier 48, which is owned by WSDOT and slated for demolition. 
The barge has since been moved to the west end of Terminal 46. STP crews are working to transfer the material on the barge to another barge. STP is inspecting Terminal 46 and Pier 48 to determine if any damage occurred.
Tunnel excavation is temporarily on hold as STP addresses this issue. We’ll provide additional updates as we receive new information.
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