Dec. 14 project update: Another way to track Bertha’s progress

Posted on Dec 14 2016 4:22 PM
This afternoon, we shared the latest edition of #BalloonsOverBertha via our Twitter account. Launched in late August when Bertha passed beneath First Avenue and Union Street, #BalloonsOverBertha is yet another way to track progress on the SR 99 Tunnel Project. 
The idea is to provide a visual of Bertha’s location relative to the surface. Generally, we’ll share a new balloons photo each time Bertha passes beneath a street. Today’s photo highlights Bertha’s passage beneath the intersection of Third Avenue and Blanchard Street. We’ll also occasionally share a balloons photo when something of local interest is happening, such as major sporting or community events.
We only put the balloons out long enough to take a photograph, so please don’t make a special trip to see them in person. The best view is on Twitter at #BalloonsOverBertha. You can follow Bertha on Twitter @BerthaDigsSR99. We also post twice-weekly progress updates on our Follow Bertha page. As of Tuesday, the machine had traveled 6,555 of 9,270 feet and installed 1,000 of 1,426 concrete tunnel rings.
Balloons over Bertha at Blanchard Street
#BalloonsOverBertha at Third Avenue and Blanchard Street.
It's been nearly one year since the SR 99 tunneling machine resumed mining following the tunneling delay. We're highlighting a different aspect of the program each day this week to illustrate the progress we've made to date. Yesterday’s post highlighted work inside the tunnel.

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