Bicycle and pedestrian routes

Bicycle and pedestrian routes

The AWV Program includes improvements to walking and biking routes at both ends of the tunnel. During construction, however, some bicycle and pedestrian routes will change. Detours when necessary will be clearly marked, and WSDOT will continue to work with local bicycle and pedestrian organizations to communicate these changes. 

Below is additional information about some of the bicycle and pedestrian routes that have been improved or newly constructed since the project began.

New connections by the north portal

In early 2017, we opened Sixth Avenue North between Mercer and Harrison streets. This street will connect to the SR 99 southbound on-ramp once the tunnel opens. The street also contains wide sidewalks and provides a north-south connection through the large block occupied by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Aerial view of Sixth Avenue North and tunnel north portal area

As part of the viaduct demolition contract, three intersections of Aurora Avenue North will be rebuilt in this area. John, Thomas and Harrison streets will be reconnected across Aurora Avenue North, providing new east-west walking and bicycling options through the neighborhood. 

Improvements near Seattle’s stadiums

Bicyclists riding along a bike path south of downtownIn 2014, at the south end of downtown Seattle, WSDOT created a new permanent connection between the on-street bike lanes south of South Atlantic Street and the shared-use path from South King Street.

Features of this path included:

  • A dedicated, 14-foot-wide shared-use path with improved paving.
  • Overhead lighting features.
  • A separate northbound and southbound path for more efficient navigation.
  • Signs warning of vehicles crossing the intersection of Alaskan Way South and South Atlantic Street.
  • Landscaping.

Bicyclists and pedestrians heading east or west can use the sidewalk on the north side of South Atlantic Street, or the overpass when a train blocks the tracks. Bicyclists travelling on the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trail can now access the path via South Atlantic Street.

Resources about the bicycle and pedestrian facilities near the South Atlantic Street overpass: