Oct. 7 project update: New video shows Bertha repair effort

Posted on Oct 7 2015 10:38 AM
Work continues at the bottom of the 120-foot-deep pit where Seattle Tunnel Partners is readying Bertha, the SR 99 tunneling machine, for the rest of her tunnel drive beneath downtown Seattle. With repairs at the surface complete and all major components of the tunneling machine safely in the pit, STP and manufacturer Hitachi Zosen are focused on completing the reassembly portion of their repair effort.
Crews are currently welding pieces of the machine back together, and reconnecting hundreds of wires and hoses that are integral to the tunneling operation. Although significant work is ongoing, much of it is can’t be seen from the surface. As part of our ongoing effort to keep the public informed about STP’s work, we asked STP Project Manager Chris Dixon to recap their repair effort to date and explain what’s next as they work to get Bertha moving again. Check out the resulting video, which includes exclusive shots of work occurring inside the machine and the access pit.

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