Dec. 12 project update

Posted on Dec 12 2014 4:09 PM
Before the weekend, we wanted to provide an update on the recent settlement near the SR 99 tunnel access pit. Our experts are still analyzing data and conducting daily inspections of the viaduct, but to date, no significant settlement has been observed beyond the initial settlement we reported publically on Dec. 5. The viaduct remains safe for travel. 
We continue to reach out to owners of approximately 30 buildings where the greatest settlement has occurred. By the end of Friday, Dec. 12, we had surveyed 20 buildings. We appreciate how responsive and cooperative property owners have been in allowing us access to their buildings. 
On Thursday, crews examined an existing crack that had widened on South King Street. Seattle Tunnel Partners checked the site with ground-penetrating radar. While we are still awaiting the report, no voids were detected under the pavement. Additional tests will be performed in the coming days.
We will continue to update the public as we have more information.

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