US 195 - Hatch Road to Interstate 90 – Low Cost Improvements

Some new concepts were presented by WSDOT for low cost improvements to several US 195 intersections on September 7, 2016 at St. John's Lutheran Church.

Links to the preliminary concept pdf images are below.

Individual feedback, comments and ideas from the community continue to be encouraged .

Construction funding is not in place.

Preliminary Concepts:

Thorpe Road and 16th Avenue

Concept A1  (pdf 1 mb)
Thumbnail photo

Concept B (pdf 627 kb)
Thumbnail Photo

Concept C (pdf 666 kb)
Thumbnail Photo

Concept D (pdf 667 kb)
Thumbnail Photo

Conflict Points  (pdf 651 kb)
Thumbnail Photo

Hatch Road and Meadowlane Road 

Hatch & Meadowlane Concept A (pdf 4.4 mb)
Hatch Rd & Meadowlane Rd thumbnail Added Concept after public meeting

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