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Map showing the US 195 Traffic Safety Corridor is 6 miles from Hatch Road to Interstate 90
The US 195 Traffic Safety Corridor is 6 miles from Hatch Road to Interstate 90. View larger map

Photo of US 195 Project Sign Unveiling on August 5, 2010
Sign Unveiling on August 5, 2010



US 195 is a four-lane, divided highway in the southwest corner of Spokane. The highway is the main route from Lewiston, Idaho through Pullman and Colfax and the growing Spokane neighborhoods of Latah Valley and Grandview/Thorpe.

As residential and commercial development expands along US 195, trafffic continues to grow, leading to greater congestion and increasing safety concerns.

This project covers the eight miles between Hatch Road and Interstate 90. US 195 in this section carries an average of 18,000 vehicles per day.

The goal of a traffic safety corridor is to reduce death and serious injury crashes on roadways with significant safety needs. To make this happen, corridor projects use low cost roadway improvements, targeted enforcement of unsafe driving behavior, and increased public awareness of how to drive safe.


Education and Public Awareness

  • The Public Education team will be working closely with the Engineering and Enforcement teams to be sure the community knows about project efforts to make US 195 safer. The team will also be developing driving tips and messages to help drivers be safe on US 195.


  • Local law enforcement agencies and the Washington State Patrol will be conducting special patrols to inform drivers about unsafe and illegal driving behavior. Watch here for information about upcoming patrols.


  • The Engineering Team is developing plans now for low cost, near term road improvements.

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