US 195 - Traffic Safety Corridor - Test Your US-195 Driving Smarts

1) More crashes occur on US-195 when a driver:A) is following another vehicle too closely
B) is speeding
C) fails to yield to another vehicle
D) is under the influence of alcohol

2) Most crashes occur along US-195 when the weather is:
A) raining
B) clear or partly cloudy
C) snowing
D) overcast

3) People are most likely to be killed or badly hurt when a car or truck:
A) enters the road from a sidestreet
B) hits a car going the opposite direction
C) hits an animal
D) rear-ends another car or truck
4) To be safer driving US-195 you should:
A) watch for cars and trucks entering from sideroads
B) enter, accelerate and lawfully merge
C) be sure there is a long enough gap in the traffic before you enter
D) obey the speedlimit - check your speedometer
E) all of the above

Answers 1c, 2b, 3a, 4e