SR 99 - Roy St to N 145th St - Paving & ADA Compliance

Project news

  • This project was awarded to Icon Materials.
  • Through the end of July contractor crews will work between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. on curb ramps and install temporary signal detection systems.
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Needs & benefits


Contractor crews will remove old asphalt and repave 7.58 miles of State Route 99/Aurora Avenue North between Roy Street and North 145th Street in Seattle. In addition, dozens of pedestrian ramps will be rebuilt or added to provide better sidewalk connections for people of all abilities.

The George Washington Memorial (Aurora) Bridge will be resurfaced as part of a separate bridge painting project.

Why is WSDOT paving SR 99 between Roy Street and North 145th Street?
The pavement on this stretch of SR 99 is showing its age with ruts and cracks, which can lead to potholes. Asphalt is generally only intended to last 15 years. This area was last paved in 1999. Sections of asphalt have been repaired, but the surface continues to deteriorate. Up to 40,000 vehicles use this major route through north Seattle daily.

What should drivers expect?
While most of the work can be completed through nighttime lane and cross street closures, some daytime lane closures are needed for pedestrian ramp work.

The End Result

This project will provide drivers with a smoother, safer ride on SR 99. New pavement will preserve the life of the roadway and reduce maintenance needs. Reconstructed and new sidewalk ramps will create better sidewalk connections for people of all abilities.

Project Benefits

  • Safety: Improving the highway surface eliminates and helps prevent future potholes, cracks and wheel ruts where water can collect. This gives drivers a safer, smoother ride. Reconstructed and new sidewalk ramps create better sidewalk connections.
  • Economic: Paving reduces the need for emergency pavement repairs, which are costly to taxpayers and can cause additional congestion during peak commute hours.


  • March 2018: Project advertised for competitive bidding.
  • May 2018: Project awarded to Icon Materials.
  • July 2018: Construction is scheduled to begin.
  • Fall 2019: Construction is scheduled to be complete.


Financial Data for PIN 109945A, 109945B, 109948A, 109948B
Funding Source Amount ($ in thousands)
2003 Gas Tax (Nickel Funding) $0
2005 Gas Tax (TPA) $0
Pre-Existing Funds (PEF) $16,811
CWA $0
Total $16,811


Tom Pearce  

A small map of the paving project on 7.58 miles of SR 99/Aurora Avenue North from Roy Street to North 145th Street in Seattle.

A small photo of SR 99/Aurora Avenue North at North 39th Street in Seattle.
Northbound SR 99/Aurora Avenue North approaching North 39th Street in Seattle.

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