SR 99 - Airport Rd. Intersection Transit Queue Bypass Safety Improvements - Completed June 2015

We added transit-only through lanes in both directions of SR 99 at Airport Road in Everett. Traffic islands that extended into the right lane, requiring all drivers in that lane to turn, were reduced to create the transit-only through lanes. Other vehicles can use the right lanes for right turns only.

Southbound buses no longer need to merge into traffic when SR 99 narrows from three to two through lanes. Northbound buses can bypass traffic by moving to the right as they near the intersection.

This intersection is a major transfer point for Community Transit and Everett Transit buses, with heavy pedestrian traffic. In partnership with the city of Everett, we also upgraded lighting at the crosswalks, improved pedestrian curb ramps, upgraded pedestrian walk/don’t walk indicators with audible tones and improved crosswalk markings.


How you benefit

Improves safety
Southbound buses traveling in the right lane do not have to merge to go through the SR 99-Airport Road intersection and northbound buses don’t need to move to the right immediately after the intersection, reducing the opportunity for collisions. Pedestrian improvements reduce the chances of a vehicle-pedestrian collision. Between 2008 and 2013, there were 11 vehicle-pedestrian collisions, including two fatalities.

Relieves congestion
Separating the buses from other traffic reduces congestion for cars and trucks in the other two lanes, helping traffic move more smoothly.


Partnerships & cooperation
The city of Everett paid for pedestrian improvements using City Safety Improvement funding it received from the federal Highway Safety Improvement Program. These included better lighting, improvements to the curbs and ramps and upgraded intersection markings.


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