SR 9 - SR 204 Intersection Improvements - Open houses

Open House 3 - August 16, 2017


WSDOT is working to identify improvements for the SR 9/SR 204 intersection that will ease congestion, improve freight mobility, and create better access for drivers to local businesses. As the first phase of the project concludes, WSDOT invited the public to review and provide feedback on the Stakeholder Advisory Group recommended intersection design at an open house held on August 16, 2017, at Hillcrest Elementary School in Lake Stevens. This was the third and final open house planned for the first phase of the SR 9/SR 204 Intersection Improvements project.

The project team posted displays to depict the scope of the project and the Stakeholder Advisory Group process to arrive at a recommended intersection design. Over 120 community members attended the open house.

The project team made a short presentation near the beginning of the open house to provide background and an overview of the Stakeholder Advisory Group recommended intersection design. The public was invited to ask questions at the information stations, with three stations dedicated to further explaining and discussing the recommended intersection design. A project team member staffed each station to answer questions about the process and design. Other stations included information on the project benefits, funding, timeline, practical design process, Stakeholder Advisory Group progress, design selection, real estate acquisition, and general information on Connecting Washington projects in Snohomish County.

Attendees provided verbal and written feedback regarding the Stakeholder Advisory Group recommended intersection design. Presentation materials are available to view here (pdf 411 kb).

 Lake Stevens residents gather to listen to a presentation from the project team on the preferred alternative. Lake Stevens residents listen to a presentation by the project team.
Project team members answer questions from Lake Stevens residents regarding the preferred intersection design. Process of evaluating design concepts

Open House Feedback Summary

The project team received 11 formal comment forms at the third open house. Community members commented on the Stakeholder Advisory Group recommended intersection design specifically including topics like access to northbound SR 9 from Vernon/Davies Road and SR 9 access from Frontier Village, wanting to view three-dimensional models to better understand the design, and concern over construction impacts. Overall the attendees expressed satisfaction with the presented recommended intersection design. Through comment forms and conversations with the public at the third open house, the project team saw the following trends in public sentiment and concerns:

  • Frontier Village - Some expressed a desire for a direct access from Frontier Village to SR 9; without having to go down Vernon Road and to the roundabout in order to access SR 9.
  • Roundabouts – Overall attendees were relieved that the design did not include a roundabout.
  • Intersection improvements – Many attendees commented on the need for improvement at other intersections including SR 204/91st Avenue, and Vernon/Davies Road.
  • Safety concerns – Commenters shared concern about motorists possibly speeding through that new section of SR 9 since they would no longer have to stop at a stoplight; causing unsafe conditions at upcoming intersections (after the SR 9/SR 204 intersection) because of the increased speed. There were also concerns expressed about providing any free right turn lanes from southbound SR 9 -to-westbound SR 204.
  • Added lanes – A few commenters expressed concern about the future capacity of SR 9 and stated that adding a third lane in each direction would work for addressing the regional growth and future capacity needs.
  • Trestle – The team took questions about future trestle improvements and how WSDOT was prioritizing this project.
  • Construction Impacts – Commenters, both verbally and in comment forms, expressed concern over construction impacts on the businesses, traffic, and community.
  • Preferred design options – The project team presented the Stakeholder Advisory Group recommended intersection design and the overall feedback was largely in favor of the agreed upon solution to congestion at the SR 9/SR 204 intersection.

Open House 2 - May 11, 2017


WSDOT is looking at design options to improve the intersection of SR 9/SR 204 to create better access to local businesses and reduce congestion. WSDOT invited the public to learn more about the funded project and presented five potential designs at an open house hosted from 6-8 p.m. on May 11, 2017, at Hillcrest Elementary School in Lake Stevens. This was the second of three planned open houses for the intersection improvement project.

WSDOT presented potential design options for the intersection improvement project, project information (overview, timeline, projected costs, funding and engagement tactics), and future Snohomish County projects with the community of Lake Stevens and surrounding area. Over 120 community members attended.

Project staff invited attendees to review background information on the project, public outreach results, preliminary design options, and cost ranges for each option. Members of the project team were stationed around the room and available to discuss design options as well as address concerns and questions with attendees. All design options on display at the open house are available to view on the project website: Design Options

Open house attendeesOpen house attendees

Public Feedback
We received 46 formal comment forms at the second open house. Community members and businesses shared comments tailored to specific design options proposed by the project team and commented on elements such as access to the Frontier Village shopping center, the advantages and disadvantages of roundabouts, pedestrian and driver safety, area traffic improvements, and more.

  • Frontier Village – Businesses and residents are interested in access to and traffic flow around Frontier Village. Some viewed designs for a new road through the Frontier Village parking lot as potentially adding to shopping center congestion.
  • Roundabouts – Comments ranged from liking roundabouts to being very opposed. Others expressed a need for more education on roundabouts so people know how to use them.
  • Intersection improvements – Many attendees commented on the need for improvement at other intersections including SR-9/Market Street, SR-9/91st Street, and Davies Street.
  • Safety concerns – Commenters shared concern about pedestrian safety with the proposed new road in front of Safeway, expressing a belief that roundabouts increase collision risk.
  • Added lanes – Commenters expressed mixed feelings about adding lanes–some feel more lanes would solve all the traffic problems, while others believe other traffic solutions (roundabouts, striping, barriers, signage, signal timing) would work.
  • Stakeholders – Some attendees were curious about the selection process for the Stakeholder Advisory Group and representation at Stakeholder Advisory Group meetings.
  • Trestle – Many commenters requested information from the project team regarding a US 2 trestle widening project.

Preferred Design Options
The project team presented design options B , C , E , G2B , and H . Most commenters expressed approval of design options E and H, with some commenters favoring G2B and C. Attendees showed the least approval for option B. View the design options here: Design Options

Open House 1 - Oct. 19, 2016


WSDOT is looking at design options to improve the intersection of SR 9/SR 204 to create better access to local businesses and reduce congestion. Before developing design ideas, WSDOT hosted an open house to gather public feedback. The open house was hosted at Hillcrest Elementary School in Lake Stevens from 6-8 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2016.

The open house featured information on the project schedule, benefits and funding; as well as information on WSDOT’s practical design process, which seeks to identify the project need, develop solutions that address the need and reflect public input.

WSDOT provided people with a brief overview at each display and an opportunity to discuss their concerns and ideas directly with team members. People provided written comments on the issues, what is working well, and suggestions on ways to improve the intersection.  WSDOT also shared options to stay engaged throughout the initial planning process.  

Public Feedback
More than 100 people provided comments through forms, emails and a sticky note exercise, shown in the photo below.

SR 9 SR 204 Sticky Note Exercise

Here’s what WSDOT heard:

  • Mobility beyond the intersection: A majority wanted to see improvements extend beyond the intersection onto the surrounding streets.
  • Safety: Many cited safety as a priority. 
  • Access to businesses: Several noted concerns about access to businesses near the intersection.
  • Mixed opinions on roundabouts: Some were against a roundabout design, while others said a roundabout could work with proper signage and lane striping. 
  • US 2 trestle replacement: Many suggested expediting replacement of the US 2 trestle with a solution to move more people with less congestion.

Next Steps  
WSDOT is preparing intersection design options to share at the next open house. Attendees will have the opportunity to talk with the project team and provide feedback on those design options.