Project Info

SR 527 - I-405 I/C to SR 524 Vicinity Paving - Completed October 2014

State Route 527 has been repaved between the northbound Interstate 405 interchange and SR 524, as well as the SR 527-SR 524 intersection. Repaving the highway preserves its structural integrity and provides a smoother ride for drivers. This section of highway had not been paved for 20 years and had cracks, ruts and potholes. We also rebuilt pedestrian sidewalks and ramps beside the highway, replaced traffic signal sensors, installed additional lighting at the intersection of SR 527 and 217th Street and upgraded and replaced guardrails.


How you benefit

Improves safety
Repaving the highway minimizes the chances of cracks and potholes, and reduces the opportunity for standing water on the roadway, improving safety for drivers. Improved lighting at the intersection of SR 527 and 217th Street Southeast improves visibility. Improved sidewalks and ramps increase pedestrian safety.

Economic incentive
This project extends the life of the highway and reduces maintenance requirements.


Partnerships & cooperation
Throughout the process, WSDOT coordinated closely with the city of Bothell.


Pre-Existing Funds (PEF): $3,116,000
Total: $3,116,000


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