SR 410 - White River Bridge - Painting

Project news

  • The project was awarded to Panther Industrial Painting, LLC on Dec. 12, 2018.
  • Construction is scheduled to begin in spring 2018.
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Why is WSDOT repainting the White River Bridge?
Built in 1949, the steel bridge on SR 410 between Enumclaw and Buckley was last painted in 1988. The lifespan of the paint is 27 years, making it overdue for a fresh coat. The old paint is bubbled, corroded and peeling in places. Areas of rust are also visible.

WSDOT contractor crews will sand the rust and old paint before repainting the bridge in order to preserve the structure for years to come.

What can drivers expect?
Most of the time there will be two narrow lanes in place on the White River Bridge. Occasionally during off-peak hours one lane will be closed and there will be alternating traffic.

The End Result
Once painted, the bridge will be protected from weathering and deterioration, extending its useful lifespan.

If the bridge was not repainted, the steel would eventually deteriorate from rust, weaken, and become unable to support the weight of vehicle traffic.

Needs & benefits

Removing rust, corrosion and peeling paint and applying new paint preserves the White River Bridge, allowing the 21,000 drivers who use the section of 410 each day to travel over the river between Buckley and Enumclaw.

The White River Bridge connects the two communities with an approximate travel time of 4 minutes, a drive that would otherwise take approximately 45 minutes.


Fall/winter 2017: Project advertised for competitive bidding
Spring 2018: Construction scheduled to begin
Fall 2018: Construction scheduled to be complete


The estimated project cost is $2.8 million.


Lisa Van Cise
WSDOT communications