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SR 410 - Scatter Creek Bridge Seismic Retrofit - Complete Sept. 2014

Steel column jackets were installed on the SR 410 Scatter Creek bridge piers to reduce the risk of earthquake damage. In additional rocks and other materials were added to the base of one pier to increase its protection from erosion.


How you benefit

Improves safety
Bridge safety
Adding the steel column jackets around the bridge's two piers will help stabilize them during an earthquake, reducing the possibility the piers cracking or even collapsing.

Driver safety
Travelers who use the SR 410 Scatter Creek Bridge are safer on the span in the event of an earthquake, because the bridge is less likely to collapse.

Erosion reduction
Material around one of the two bridge piers was eroding. Reducing the erosion by adding rocks and other material at the base of the pier protects it from rushing water and reduces its vulnerability.

Protects environment
The project improved fish habitat by removing concrete and rebar debris from the creek. These materials were left by an old bridge at this location.

Crews rebuilt the stream bed and placed logs and wood debris for fish.

Economic incentive
Seismically retrofitting the SR 410 Scatter Creek Bridge helps ensure the highway will remain open. This is vitally important because there are no local roads to use as a detour if earthquake damage closed the bridge. During the winter, a closure would totally cut off people between the span and Crystal Mountain. That's because SR 410 closes for each winter at Crystal Mountain Boulevard and remains closed until spring.


Partnerships & cooperation
WSDOT coordinated closely with local agencies, the cities of Enumclaw, Black Diamond, Mount Rainier National Park and the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe. 


Pre-Existing Funds (PEF): $1,552,000
Total: $1,552,000


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Project map of the work area.
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This photo shows the safety improvements to the SR 410 Scatter Creek Bridge piers and the creek.
Contractor crews seismically retrofitted the two piers supporting the SR 410 Scatter Creek Bridge. They also removed debris from the creek bed, added rocks to protect the piers and planted native vegetation.

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