SR 410 - Bridge 410/101 Bridge Elements Repair - Complete April 2016

WSDOT repaired the SR 410 White River bridge between Enumclaw and Buckley after it was apparently damaged by an over-height load in the spring of 2015. WSDOT bridge inspectors discovered the damage during a routine inspection in April 2015.

Following the discovery, WSDOT crews closed the bridge for one week while workers installed steel rods to carry the load of the damaged support beams until permanent repairs were made.

An eight-day closure of the bridge was planned for April 2016 for the permanent repairs. The contractor, Abhe & Svoboda, Inc., and the heat-straightening subcontractor, Blackrock Construction, completed the repairs in just five days.


How you benefit

Improves safety
Contractor crews improved the safety of the bridge by installing a new horizontal and a new vertical beam on the steel-truss span. Other damaged beams were heat-straightened which is a process of repetitive heating and cooling cycles to reshape steel. View this diagram to see where the replacement and heat straightening repairs occurred.

This permanent repair work ensures the bridge, which was built in 1949, remains in good working condition.

With the permanent repair work, the bridge can continue to serve all vehicles, ranging from large trucks to passenger cars, that are traveling between Buckley and Enumclaw.


Partnerships & cooperation

WSDOT worked closely with the following to choose a time when the bridge could be shut down for the repairs: City of Enumclaw, City of Buckley, Buckley and Enumclaw police and fire departments, Enumclaw Chamber of Commerce, Enumclaw and White River school districts, area emergency services, including the King County Sheriff's Office and Washington State Patrol State, and Senator Pam Roach

We thank them for their helpful feedback and patience.


Pre-Existing Funds (PEF): $1,926,000
Total: $1,926,000

A combination of state and federal investments funded the project, which includes the cost of the 2015 temporary repairs.


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A small photo showing the new vertical beam on the SR 410 White River Bridge between Buckley and Enumclaw.
The new vertical beam on the bridge.

A small photo showing the new horizontal beam on the SR 410 White River Bridge between Buckley and Enumclaw.
A new horizontal beam is installed on the White River Bridge. The new beam is straight, compared to older beams which have a slight arch.

View more photos of the damage and repair work on the project's Flickr page.