SR 21 - Keller Ferry Replacement - Historical Photos

1935-The original ferry across the Columbia River.  The "Keller" was a cable ferry with a motor pulling the boat along a cable that spanned the width of the river.

1939-LA McLeod
The L.A. McLeod was launched in 1939.  This was a "side-wheeler."

The L.A. McLeod slides into the river in 1939.

1939-LA McLeod
L.A. McLeod in 1939.

1939-LA McLeod
L.A. McLeod in 1941.

1945-San Poil and Ann of Wilbur
In 1944, the "San Poil" barge was pushed across the river with a tugboat, the "Ann of Wilbur."

1948-Martha S
The "Martha S." on her maiden voyage in 1948.

The Martha S. crossing in 2002.

The Martha S. must undergo a full Coast Guard drydock inspection every five years.  This is the boat on the drydock ramp near Grand Coulee Dam in 2002.