SR 20 - SR 9 to Hansen Creek & SR 9/SR 20 to Park Cottage Pl - Paving & ADA

Project news

February 2018

  • In 2018 WSDOT contractor crews will pave a section of SR 20, a section of SR 9 and improve some pedestrian crossings in Sedro-Woolley.
  • The project is scheduled to be advertised for contractor bidding starting Monday, Feb. 12, 2017.
  • Prequalification is required for contractors wishing to bid as a prime contractor on all WSDOT projects.

In 2018 WSDOT contractor crews will repave a one mile stretch of SR 9 north of SR 20 and nearly three miles of SR 20 between the SR 9 legs in Sedro-Woolley. Pedestrian crossings will also be improved at some intersections.

Why is WSDOT doing this work?
Repaving these stretches of highway will preserve the
infrastructure and help reduce the need for costly emergency repairs and unexpected closures. Improving the pedestrian
crossings will bring them up to federal standards and improve the trip for those moving through the area on foot or in a wheelchair.

What pedestrian crossings will be improved?
WSDOT contractor crews will make pedestrian crossings improvements at SR 9 and:

  • Evans Drive
  • Dana Drive
  • Orth Way
  • Park Cottage Place
  • Alderway Lane

and on SR 20:

  • West Ferry Street
  • Metcalf Street
  • Puget Street
  • SR 9/Township Street

This project will also remove the left turn only lane for southbound travelers at SR 20 and Ferry Street and turn it into a through only lane. The right lane will become a right turn only lane.

What should travelers expect during this work?
This work will require overnight lane closures and some detours. It will create ground down sections of road and cyclists and motorcycle riders will need to use extreme caution during trips around-the-clock during this work.

Pedestrians may need to detour around intersection work, which will happen during daylight hours.

All travelers should give themselves extra time if they need to travel through this work zone.

The End Result
Once work is finished it will improve pedestrian access and mobility and create a smoother ride for people driving and cycling through Sedro-Woolley.

Project Benefits

  • Preserves infrastructure.
  • Extends the life of the highway.
  • Improves pedestrian access to businesses and transportation options.
  • Reduces the need for costly emergency maintenance repairs and unexpected closures.

What is the project timeline?
Winter 2017/2018: Finish project design.
February 2018: Advertise project for competitive bidding.
Spring 2018: Construction begins.
Fall 2018: Construction completed.

Financial Information
The current total estimated project cost for this project is $3.2 million.

How can I get more information?

Andrea E. Petrich
WSDOT communications

Shane Spahr
WSDOT Project Engineer

Thumbnail map of SR 20 and SR 9 2018 paving project in Sedro-Woolley stretching from Ferry Street to Fruitdale Road on SR 20 and SR 20 to Alderwood on SR 9.
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Small photo of a section of SR 9 that is part of a 2018 paving project.
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In 2018 WSDOT contractor crews will pave and improve pedestrian crossings on SR 20 from Ferry Street to Fruitdale Road in Sedro-Woolley and on SR 9, shown here, north of SR 20.