Project Info

SR 20 - W of 4 Corners Rd to E of Water St - Paving & ADA Compliance

Project news

Why is WSDOT repaving State Route 20 and updating sidewalk ramps from Four Corners Road to Port Townsend?

This section of SR 20 has cracks and ruts in many places that can lead to potholes. The project will extend the life of the highway and provide a smoother ride for the approximate 15,000 vehicles that travel through this area every day.

The ADA work involves smoothing out concrete curbs and sidewalks, which improves access for pedestrians and people with disabilities.

The End Result

This project will improve the ride quality of the highway and extend the life of the roadway. It also will reduce the need for emergency closures and costly repairs.

Sidewalk ramps within the project area will be upgraded to current ADA standards.

Project Benefits

  • Preserves infrastructure and extends the life of the highway.
  • Reduces the need for costly emergency maintenance repairs and unexpected closures.
  • Improves access for pedestrians and people with disabilities.

What is the project timeline?

  • Construction to begin: May 1, 2018
  • Project complete: Fall 2018


Chris Bruning
WSDOT Project Engineer

Tina Werner
WSDOT Communications