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SR 18 - Westbound Slide Repair - Emergency Project - Completed November 2016

In November 2016 contractor crews repaired a hillside above SR 18 just east of the Green River Bridge near to protect drivers and the highway from a possible landslide. In November 2015 a slide in that area required a temporary westbound lane closure for clean-up work. WSDOT geotechnical engineers were concerned the hillside could slide again and injure drivers, damage vehicles and require emergency lane reductions or highway closures.

During a weekend lane closure, crews removed the slide debris, then terraced the hillside before covering it with rock to stabilize it.


How you benefit

Improves safety
The stabilized hillside improves safety on SR 18 by reducing the risk of a landslide that could trap or injure drivers.

Economic incentive
SR 18 is a major commercial trucking route between Puget Sound and eastern Washington. Repairing the hillside reduced the chance of an emergency closure, which could require commercial truck traffic to detour through the greater Seattle area, which would have added time and cost to the trip.


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SR 18 westbound Green River Bridge Vicinity emergency repair
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SR 18 Green River emergency repair near Auburn
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