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SR 18 - Green River (Neeley) Bridge Painting - Complete September 2015

In September 2015, contractor crews working for WSDOT finished work on the Green River Bridge in order to preserve the structure.

The paint on the bridge was flaking and peeling away, exposing the steel to the elements, which resulted in rust and corrosion.

Crews removed the old paint and surface rust before applying a special bridge primer and paint to protect the steel on the bridge for about 20 years.


How you benefit

Protects environment
During the work, contractor crews protected the Green River by wrapping the bridge in plastic to prevent old paint and rust from falling into the Green River and contaminating it.

Economic incentive
By painting the steel bridge, the structure is protected from the elements which can cause rust and corrosion.

Maintained properly, the bridge will continue to keep up with the high demand of traffic for years to come.

This bridge is part of an important commute and freight corridor. Maintaining the bridge is more cost-efficient than replacing it.


Partnerships & cooperation
WSDOT worked closely with South King County drivers, as well as with residents in Auburn, Covington, and Black Diamond.


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Project map of the work area.
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A photo of the SR 18 Green River (Neeley) Bridge.
The SR 18 Green River (Neeley) Bridge.

A photo of the condition of the paint on SR 18 Green River (Neeley) Bridge.
This photo shows the condition of the old paint on the Neeley Bridge.

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