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SR 164 - High Point St. to Watson St. N Paving and Signalization - Complete January 2015

Contractor crews repaved 1.5 miles of State Route 164 (Griffin Avenue) in Enumclaw, upgraded 90 pedestrian ramps and installed a traffic signal at the intersection of SR 410 and Watson Street.

This preservation work and highway improvements were necessary because traffic volumes have increased and the pavement was deteriorating.


How you benefit

Improves safety
Repaving the highway removed cracks and ruts that made for a bumpy ride on SR 164, reducing the risk of drivers losing control of their vehicles after hitting a bump or pothole.

Improved pedestrian ramps
Ninety pedestrian ramps on SR 164 received upgrades to existing ADA standards. The new ramps are more gradual, with a yellow detectable warning surface that pedestrians who are blind or have low vision can feel with their feet to let them know they are about to enter a street. These improvements create a safer and more accessible crossing area for pedestrians and cyclists.

New traffic signal
Traffic studies showed a steady increase in vehicle and pedestrian near the intersection of SR 410 and Watson Street. The new traffic signal with dedicated turn arrows provides drivers and pedestrians with a safe way to enter SR 410. 

Economic incentive
Improving this section of SR 164 in Enumclaw will help reduce annual maintenance costs because WSDOT crews will spend less time and money on emergency road repairs.


Partnerships & cooperation
WSDOT worked closely with the city of Enumclaw to plan this work and reach out to the community.

WSDOT also worked with local businesses to develop plans to maintain business access during the work and alert them to closures.

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Project map of the work area.
See a larger map of the project area.

A photo of a newly paved section of SR 164 and an upgraded pedestrian crossing.
New pavement on SR 164 (Griffin Avenue) in Enumclaw. See more pictures of the work on the project's Flickr page.