Rail - King Street Station Track Improvements - Complete March 2017

WSDOT added new tracks and switches and a new platform to this busy train station while keeping it open to Amtrak, Amtrak Cascades and Sound Transit trains throughout the construction.

These upgrades allow the station to handle projected growth in train traffic.

Need & benefits

Improves safety
Decades-old hand-thrown switches will be replaced by a modern, computerized system, further improving train movement at the station.

Relieves congestion
Reconfiguring connections and upgrading switches to the BNSF main line tracks south of the station will better accommodate the growing needs of WSDOT, Amtrak, Sound Transit, and BNSF

Economic incentive
The improvements will make it easier for trains to enter and exit the station, improving passenger and commuter train capacity at the at the busiest train station in the Pacific Northwest.


WSDOT used $28.37 million in ARRA grants to construct the next phase of track improvements at King Street Station.




WSDOT Rail Division
PO Box 47407
Olympia, WA 98504-7407

Thumbnail map of the King Street Track Upgrades project

Photo of the new and revamped tracks leading in to Seattle's King Street Station
New tracks and modern switches allow more room for trains entering and exiting King Street Station.

Photo of the new platform constructed at King Street Station in Seattle
A new platform also was constructed at King Street Station.

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