I-90 - Lake Washington Floating Bridges Anchor Cable Replacement - Complete September 2015


Between May and September 2015, divers from Orion Marine replaced 21 steel anchor cables that secure the I-90 floating bridges.

There are a total of 108 cables on the I-90 floating bridges. One end of each cable is secured inside a bridge pontoon and the other end is hooked to large anchors embedded in the floor of Lake Washington.

The cables needed to be replaced because the steel had begun corroding and in many instances individual steel strands that twist together to create each cable had broken.

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How you benefit

Improves safety
The cables are frequently exposed to strong winds and pounding waves. Worn cables pose a higher risk of snapping during a windstorm, which could lead to a long-term closure of the bridge.

Replacing cables on a regular basis preserves the structural integrity of the bridge, stabilizes the bridge during storms and ensures the safety of commuters and freight who rely on I-90.


Partnerships & cooperation
The project engineer's office coordinated work with other I-90 road projects.


Pre-Existing Funds (PEF) $3,706,000
Total $3,706,000


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