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I-82 - Thrall Road to Manastash - Build Climbing Lane


  • Design and construction for this safety improvement project is currently unfunded.

A third lane would allow faster moving vehicles to pass the slower vehicles quickly and safely.

When three lanes are available, commercial vehicles are required to only use the center lane and the right lane.

In the winter months visibility is often very limited due to dense fog. Providing a third lane for slow moving trucks on I-82 eastbound will reduce the risk of collisions in the foggy conditions.

Why is WSDOT improving I-82?
I-82 eastbound from Ellensburg climbs a steep grade (5%), for over four miles, a difficult ascent for most trucks and recreational vehicles. Lighter weight vehicles that can easily negotiate the steep grade are also slowed down as they try to maneuver around the slower vehicles, causing delays.

The End Result
Conflicts between slow trucks and faster moving vehicles will be greatly reduced. Providing a third lane on eastbound I-82 will provide additional traffic capacity for this steep grade.

Project Benefits

  • Safety, Freight Mobility. This truck climbing lane will increase safety by decreasing the conflicts between regular traffic traveling at highway speeds and slow moving truck traffic.


What is the project timeline?
Design and construction for this project is currently unfunded.

Financial Information


  • This project is currently unfunded.



How can I get more information?

Troy Suing
WSDOT Assistant Regional Administrator

Map of Project
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Manastash Ridge truck traffic
Trucks climbing Manastash Ridge on I-82