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I-5 - Seattle Bridge Repair - Complete June 2014

Crews replaced 33 aging bridge expansion joints on I-5 in Seattle between Cherry  and South Spokane Streets. 

The highway-wide expansion joints were more than 50 years old and failing. Steel was bent or broken and rubber seals were missing. Expansion joints are critical to the safe operation of bridges, because they bend and flex as the concrete on a bridge expands and contracts with changing traffic and freeze/thaw cycles.

As part of this work, crews also filled in wheel ruts to create a more even roadway surface over the new expansion joints.


How you benefit

Improves safety

Reduced risk: The new expansion joints are less likely to fail and cause collisions as drivers try to avoid them.

Safe bridge operations: The expansion joints will bend and flex with the concrete panels on elevated portions of I-5, as the concrete expands and contracts with changing traffic and weather.

Driving surface: wheel rut repairs and new expansion joints create a smoother driving surface.

Economic incentive
New, stronger joints extend the life of the roadway and require less on-going maintenance than 50 year old expansion joints.

Partnerships & cooperation
We worked closely with the City of Seattle, the Seattle Seahawks, the Seattle Mariners and the Seattle Sounders to coordinate weekend lane closures and avoid city events and games.


Pre-Existing Funds (PEF): $12,214,000
Total: $12,214,000


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This photo shows workers chipping concrete away from an old and damaged concrete bridge expansion joint.
A worker surveys an old and broken bridge expansion joint on I-5. The concrete around the joint must be chipped away before a new joint can be installed.

View more photos of this work on the WSDOT Flickr site.