I-5 - S. 272nd St. to S. Rose St. Seismic Retrofit - Project Photos

A large photo of bridge columns prior to the seismic retrofit work.
An I-5 bridge before it's seismically retrofitted. The concrete bridge columns could crumble during an earthquake and the bridge girders could slide from side to side.

A close up photo of bridge girders after they have been seismically retrofitted with girder stops to prevent sliding from side to side.
The photo above shows a closer view of the girder stops that are now between each girder on this I-5 bridge. These stops will reduce the risk the girders will slip or slide during an earthquake.

A large photo of a retrofitted I-5 bridge that shows the new steel jackets around the bridge columns and girder stops in between the bridge girders.
New steel jackets enclose the bridge columns after a bridge has been seismically retrofitted. In addition, there are large concrete stops in between the girders to prevent them from sliding around during an earthquake. The girders are also resting on a much wider crossbeam because it's been widened to provide more support.