I-5 - NB S 260th St to Duwamish River Br - Concrete Pavement Rehab and ADA - Challenges

What are the challenges we face?

Lane reductions: Most of the work will be done during nighttime lane reductions. However, this project required a total of 13 weekend-long lane reductions, when northbound I-5 was limited to two lanes. These were completed in fall 2017.

Weather: Paving work must be done when the weather is dry and the temperature is at least 45 degrees, which means paving generally must be done during summer or early fall. 

Paving asphalt over long sections of concrete: A 4-mile section of northbound I-5 from SR 516 to about South 170th Street had hundreds of broken panels. Rather than remove and replace all of these, crews used a method called crack, seat and overlay to resurface this section. Crews used heavy machinery to break the concrete panels, then compacted those broken panels. Then they paved 8 inches of asphalt on top to provide a smooth driving surface. 

Noise: Grinding and crack, seat and overlay work is noisy and can cause vibrations. People who live or work near northbound I-5 may hear or feel it.