Bainbridge Ferry Terminal Overhead Loading Fixed Walkway Replacement - Project photos

Old wooden criss-cross beams support the existing passenger walkway.

The existing 45-year-old walkway is supported by wooden beams that could collapse during an earthquake.

Interior of existing overhead walkway.

Today's walkway is fully enclosed with frosted windows.

Artist rendering of the interior of the new Bainbridge Island overhead walkway.

The graphic above shows what the inside of the new walkway will look like. 


A rendering of the new walkway, looking onshore to the northwest.


Rendering of new terminal from above, looking north.

Digital overlay of new and old walkway, with arrows showing how people will circulate through the new walkway.

The graphic above shows the current and future walkway side-by-side. The yellow arrows indicate the direction people will circulate through the walkway. 

Bremerton passenger walkway connects the terminal to the ferry.

The new walkway will look similar to the Bremerton terminal walkway, pictured above.