Annual Traffic Report

Note that as of 2018 the Annual Traffic Report is no longer published. Point-specific traffic volume data is now available through a Traffic Geoportal map interface. Vehicle Miles of Travel data is available here: VMT Data.

The Annual Traffic Report summarized traffic data maintained by the Washington State Department of Transportation for the State Highway System. The report included Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) figures and truck percentages, when available, for locations where data collection had occurred within the previous four years. It also included traffic volume data from Permanent Traffic Recorder stations at various levels of summarization, as well as Vehicle Miles of Travel information for the State Highway System.



Historical Annual Traffic Reports by Year

Historical Annual Traffic Reports are available through the Washington State Library. Reports for the most recent years are available electronically through the State Library website. Other reports are available in hard copy through the library. Please contact the State Library to access these reports.

Please note that the 1960 ATR and prior versions use the pre-1964 highway numbering scheme, which is inconsistent with the current scheme. The 1965 report entitled The Identification of State Highways provides a cross reference between the old and new highway numbers (available at

Also note that prior to the 1987 ATR, traffic volumes were primarily reported in terms of number of axles divided by two, not number of vehicles.