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Organizational Structure

The Transportation Partnerships Office is the smallest budgeted program (“Program K”) within WSDOT, with a two-year budget of approximately $582,000 to fund two professional staff and all program activities.

The Office carries out its activities under the Strategic Planning and Programming Division of WSDOT. The SP&P Division is overseen by the Chief Financial Officer for the agency, who in turn reports directly to the Secretary of Transportation in the WSDOT Table of Organization.

One of the advantages of this organizational structure is tight integration of the agency’s financial planning/budgeting functions with the Transportation Partnerships Office’s responsibilities for exploring innovative project financing opportunities. Alternative project finance scenarios are shared with and fully vetted by the agency’s financial experts, ensuring the consistency of data and financial assumptions within the agency. This organizational structure also provides the Transportation Partnerships Office access to financial advisory services provided by the Office of the State Treasurer.

Because of its very modest budget, the Transportation Partnerships Office relies on short-term, limited engagements with private consultants and contractors to conduct specialized research and due diligence on potential projects. Access to these specialists is limited to available funding earmarked for this purpose.