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Ferry Terminal Joint-Development Opportunities Study

Aerial photo Bainbridge Island ferry terminal
Photo showing deficiencies at the Bainbridge Island Terminal. View larger image.

Phase I: A thorough examination of the 19 WSDOT ferry terminals and the potential for co-development opportunities;

Phase II: Co-development opportunities identified in Phase I evaluated in light of a list of goals/criteria;

Phase III: The highest rated terminals from Phase II examined in depth, and a financial feasibility analysis (pdf 11.7mb) developed for each terminal and presented to the Legislature.

Why Is WSDOT Studying Joint-Development and Innovative Partnership Opportunities at Ferry Terminals?

The 2007 Legislature directed the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) Public Private Partnerships Program to study opportunities for joint-development and innovative partnerships at public ferry terminals.  The study also examined the potential for partnership opportunities with local government entities such as cities, port districts, and local transit agencies.

Study Description

We examined potential public/private partnerships at WSF terminals. Such partnerships could include:

  • Transit-Oriented Development (where privately-owned land near a terminal is developed); 
  • Joint Development (where multiple partners undertake a development project, typically using publicly-owned land); 
  • Terminal Concessions (where the terminal owner grants the right to operate a business within the terminal or on associated public property).

The purpose of these partnerships is to provide revenue from the development of publicly-owned land; leverage improvements to the ferry terminal itself; increase farebox revenues through increased ridership; or entice contributions from other public partners.


  • September 2007    Consultant Hired
  • December 2007     Phase I Completed - Study Folio (pdf 2.5 mb)
  • March 2008          Phase II Completed
  • January 2009        Phase III Completed & Results (pdf 11.7 mb) Released

Financial Information

The 2007 Legislature provided $300,000 for this study.

For More Information Who Do I Contact About This Study?

Tonia Buell
Project Development and Communications Manager
310 Maple Park Avenue S.E.
PO Box 47395
Olympia, WA 98504-7395