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Current Areas of Emphasis

Transportation partnerships at WSDOT can take many forms:

  • new project contracting methods that realign project risks, incentives, and rewards;
  • alternative financing methods that provide additional funding for infrastructure projects; and
  • use of public resources (state lands, exclusive rights-of-way, technology, etc.) in new or innovative ways to advance public priorities.

At the present time, the Transportation Partnerships Office is actively seeking projects that:

  • Maximize the value and use of transportation-owned or managed properties (whether developed or undeveloped);
  • Advance important public policies, such as mitigation of existing environmental impacts;
  • Leverage current government investments and funding with outside sources of capital or facility improvements, resulting in more value earned for the public;
  • Offer opportunities for technological advancements;
  • Generate new sources of revenue for transportation projects; and
  • Seek to realign the traditional contracting roles and project risks in ways that can reduce overall project cost.

The Transportation Partnerships Office is not actively seeking:

  • Projects that require new appropriations or substantial increases in existing public funding levels;
  • Proposals where the primary purpose is to contravene existing agreements and partnerships with organized labor; and
  • Proposals that run contrary to the state‚Äôs public financing policies and provisions contained in RCW 47.29.060.