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Request for Proposals for Rail Management and Operating Services

P&L Branch of the Palouse River and Coulee City Railroad

Proposals are being solicited from qualified parties to manage and operate the P&L Branch of the Palouse River and Coulee City Railroad (owned by WSDOT). This branch begins outside of BNSF’s yard at Marshall, WA and continues southeastward to Palouse and Pullman and on to the Idaho border. WSDOT ownership of this branch ends at the Washington/Idaho state Line.

The selected operator will work with WSDOT, local governments, economic development authorities, shippers, and Class 1 railroads. The goal is to develop innovative and efficient operating and shipping methods and improvements that provide competitive rail service for the region’s rail shipping community and that sustain the operator financially.

All interested parties must first submit a Letter of Intent to Submit a Proposal by March 22, 2019.
Proposals are due to WSDOT by 8 a.m. on May 1, 2019. Proposals must include:

  • Letter of submittal
  • Cover letter
  • Certification form
  • Organization chart
  • Five-year financial plan and proposer’s most recent financial statements
  • Personnel plan
  • Liability coverage
  • Operating plan
  • Track maintenance plan
  • Development and marketing plan
  • Start-up schedule
  • References
  • Terms and conditions of lease

The announcement of the apparent successful proposer will be made on May 14, 2019.

Freight rail service with the selected operator is expected to begin on July 22, 2019.

Complete details on this Request for Proposal are available on Washington’s Electronic Business Solution (WEBS) website. Interested proposers must download the complete document from this website in order to successfully submit a proposal. This requires you to create a WEBS account if you are not already in the WEBS system.