Engineering Internships

WSDOT interns in the field

The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) offers Intern positions for college students interested in careers in preliminary engineering, environmental and hydraulics, construction, and traffic.

If you are majoring in Civil Engineering, we invite you to apply for this opportunity to become a Transportation Engineer Intern with WSDOT, one of the nation's leading transportation organizations. Depending on your interests, education and background, you can plan a career path – from intern to the top of your chosen field. We have many engineering options to offer for a challenging and satisfying career.

What can I expect to gain from WSDOT's Internship Program?

First Year Interns: If this is your first year in the WSDOT Internship Program, you can expect to gain experience through some or all of the following activities:

  • Learning the basic functions of surveying, data collection, and project layout through location and construction surveying.
  • Operating and checking scales for quantity measurements, receiving and totaling tickets, performing basic materials testing and sampling, and measuring field quantities.
  • Checking and calculating quantities for volumes, areas, grades, and tabulating data; checking pay estimates and data entry; office engineering and project documentation; making as-built corrections to construction plans.

Second Year Interns: If this is your second year in the WSDOT Internship Program, you can further your experience through these activities as well as those listed above:

  • Operating survey equipment for the collection and layout of location and construction data and staking. Calculating alignments, profiling elevations, and quantities.
  • Assisting in construction inspection to ensure projects are constructed according to the plans and specifications. Learning to independently inspect minor phases of construction projects such as, small culverts installations, extension of drainage structures and slope flattening; assists in the inspection of earthwork, surfacing and paving.
  • Performing nuclear density tests to monitor compaction of embankments, surfacing and backfill; collecting material samples, performing soil and aggregate testing.
  • Assisting in inspection of bridges and structures including performing concrete tests, checking number and placement of rebar, dimensions and alignment of forms; taking measurements and calculating quantities; completing daily records and other documentation.
  • Performing semi-skilled project design elements and support tasks including using computer assisted design/drafting equipment to draft and/or revise right-of-way plans, paving plans, vicinity maps, drainage details, roadway sections, profiles, details on simple structures; performs prepares various materials such as charts, maps, diagrams, and exhibits.

Third Year Interns: If this is your third year in the WSDOT Internship Program, you can expect to perform these duties as well as those listed above:

  • Assisting project designers in preparation of project design documentation.
  • Reviewing WSDOT Design Manual chapters to help determine what elements in the manual need to be addressed in a particular project.
  • Assisting designers in preparing project design checklists, minimum standards that may be used, and assist in determining elements of the project that do not meet specific design standards.

What are the Desired Qualifications for Intern Positions?

We will give preference to students who have completed at least two semesters or three quarters (or equivalent) of study in an engineering curriculum at an accredited college, university, or community college.

Benefits: If you become a Transportation Engineer intern, you will be eligible for these benefits.

  • Summer work experience in engineering
  • Opportunities to work during the winter and spring break to obtain experience in engineering
  • Job rotation opportunities
  • Various leave opportunities
  • Dependent care assistance program
  • Employee assistance program
  • Deferred compensation plans
  • Training and educational benefits program
  • Paid holidays
  • Commute Trip Reduction incentives
  • Flexible work hours
  • Credit union membership
  • Group rate auto and homeowners insurance

Where can I get information about Washington State?

General questions about this recruitment
Call 360-705-7758 or email at

Depending on your preferred location, please contact the following person regarding internship opportunities:

Erik Lunke 360-705-7747
Eirik Landes 360-705-7758

Eastern Region (Spokane, Colfax, Colville, Davenport)
Rachel Giese 360-905-2223

North Central Region (Wenatchee, Moses Lake, Okanogan)
Amber St. Aubin 509-573-8341

Northwest Region (Seattle, Everett, Bellingham, Bellevue)
Josefina Mutascu 206-440-4057
Cody Buchanan 206-440-4068

Olympic Region (Tacoma, Aberdeen, Port Angeles, Port Orchard)
Robyn Lovely 360-357-2665

South Central Region (Yakima, Tri-Cities, Walla Walla)
Amber St. Aubin 509-573-8341

Southwest Region (Vancouver, Longview, Chehalis, Raymond)
Rachel Giese 360-905-2223

Washington State Ferries
Cori Shull 206-389-8532

This announcement is published by the Washington State Department of Transportation. The State of Washington is an equal opportunity employer. Persons with a disability who need assistance in the application or testing process, or those needing this announcement in an alternative format, may call 360-705-7758. Applicants that are deaf or hard of hearing may call through the Washington Relay Service at 7-1-1. For questions about this recruitment call 360-705-7758 or email at .