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Washington State Wage Rates

Certified Payroll: Use the Davis-Bacon Compliance link (left pane) on the Fed Wage page for Fed Aid Projects.

For WSDOT contract specific questions, please contact the Project Engineers Office that is managing your current project. Otherwise, please contact the HQ Construction Office in Olympia, WA

State Wage Updates are Available at the Labor & Industries web site

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Labor and Industries 

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Supplemental to Wages  

Current Version 
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Current Rates Effective 08/31/2019

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Please Check for L&I Revisions that may effect these Rates Prior to Bid Opening

L&I Revision Notifications →

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Previous Version

Revisions to Prevailing Wages

Supplemental to Wages  (08/31/2018)

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How to Download/Print Prevailing Wages

Scopes of Work

Addendum Template

When to Create and issue a wage addendum

State Prevailing Wages Published 8/1/2019
Effective 8/31/2019

Minimum Wage $12.00 per hour (effective 1/1/2019)

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Latest Occupation notification from Washington State Labor & Industries:
information regarding the minimum wage act

Labor & Industries Published Wage Corrections
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Published: 08/01/2019
Effective: 08/31/2019

New State Wage Determinations










Other Information

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Map Information 

Neighboring States

Prevailing Wage

MAP of WSDOT Regions

Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries

RCW 39.12 (rev. by SHB1420)

Washington State Highway MAP

( Prevailing Wage Rates for Public Works Contracts in Oregon )

RCW 49.28

Local Region Information

Idaho Dept. of Labor

WAC 296-127

Google Maps

B.C. - Ministry of Labor





Occupation Notes
These documents are included on this web site to help clarify nature of the highway project, as well as the type of work performed, and the correct scope of work to be used, and are informational purposes only.

Landscape Construction (WAC 296-127-01346 - for Applicable work) 
Landscape Construction 

For general questions, contact:
Tomi Hume-Pontius
PS&E Engineer

Kari Beardslee
PS&E Support Engineer

For Historical wage Decisions and Federal decisions for Building and Residential construction projects, please contact:
Tomi Hume-Pontius