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Design Policy Safety Research

The Design Safety Research team conducts analysis relating to safety and consistency of infrastructure design.

Policy Analysis
Safety and Aesthetics in Urban Roadway Design
A coordinated effort to ensure the broad array of expectations for urban roadway design is considered in the development of urban design guidelines for state highways.
Context Sensitive Design

Rumble Strips Usage on Washington State Highways
Single vehicle run-off the road crashes account for 30% of the fatal accidents in Washington State. In an effort to reduce these fatalities, shoulder rumble strips are use to alert drivers that they have left the traveled way.
More information on Rumble Strips

Completed Projects
Cable Median Barrier Program in Washington State - June 2013
This report documents the evolution and accomplishments of WSDOT’s cable median barrier program and includes updated collision performance analyses. View report.

Performance Analysis of Centerline and Shoulder Rumble Strips Installed in Combination in Washington State - April 2013
This study evaluates the effectiveness of centerline and shoulder rumble strips installed in combination under a variety of traffic and geometric conditions.
View report.

Performance Analysis of Centerline Rumble Strips - March 2011
This study evaluates the effectiveness of centerline rumble strips under a variety of traffic and geometric conditions.
View report.

Through, Over, or Under Guardrail Penetration by Guardrail Height - December 2009
This report evaluates whether a clear correlation between guardrail height and penetration of the guardrail exists in the collision and roadside features inventory datasets available for Washington State.
View report.

Deception Pass Log Rail Report - November 2004
A final report has been submitted to the Transportation Research Board (TRB) on the Deception Pass Log Rail and is available with video clip.
View the final report and video clip

In-Service Performance of Guardrail Terminal Treatments - June 2004
This research study was conducted to evaluate the in-service performance of existing guardrail end treatments and unrestrained pre-cast concrete barrier in Washington State.
View report.

Washington State Cable Median Barrier In-Service Study - November 2003
November 2003 submittal for presentation at the 83rd Annual Meeting of the National Transportation Research. The paper presents WSDOT's experience with Cable Median Barrier on three locations for about 24 miles.

Median Treatment Study of Washington State Highways - March 2002

A study of across the median crashes on Washington’s multilane, divided state highways was conducted to evaluate median barrier guidelines and identify specific highway sections where installation of a barrier may be desirable.
View report.

SR 5 Weaving Analysis (Olympia, WA) - October 2001
Analyze the effectiveness of different modeling techniques and tools in assessing weave section performance and forecasting. Use the tools to analyze an existing weave section that is exhibiting operational problems.
View report.

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