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Context Sensitive Design Resources

Useful Resources

Understanding Flexibility Summary Understanding Flexibility
Understanding Flexibility in Transportation Design - Summary Document (pdf, 1.17 mb) Understanding Flexibility in Transportation Design - Washington (pdf, 9.8 mb)

National Context Sensitive Solutions website for Washington State

Arterial Design Guidance
Recognizing that the WSDOT Design Manual has traditionally focused on freeway and rural highway-type designs, the companion document (pdf, 9.8 mb) provides conceptual guidance for the application of context sensitive design in the project development process.

Urban Design Alternatives: Medians and Roadsides Brochure (pdf, 933 kb)

WACs and RCWs
The following WACs and RCWs have been referred to in recent meetings:

  • RCW 35.78.040 — City streets — Design Standards….approval of deviations
  • RCW 46.61.400 — Speed restrictions — basic rule and maximum limits
  • RCW 46.61.415 — Speed restrictions — when local authorities may alter maximum limits
  • RCW 47.24.020 — City streets as part of state highways — jurisdiction
  • WAC 468-18-050 — DOT city/county project coordination — policy on construction, improvement & maintenance of intersections

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