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The WSDOT headquarter hydraulics section provides technical support, training and policy in the fields of hydraulics, fish passage, hydrology and stormwater to ensure our roadways provide a safe, effective and efficient movement of people and goods while maintaining the natural movement and treatment of water throughout our watersheds and water bodies.

In addition, the headquarter hydraulics section coordinates and provides technical guidance and policy for research in the fields of hydraulics, fish passage, hydrology and stormwater. (For more detail)

Hydraulics Manual
Fish Passage
FHWA Hydraulics
Hydraulic Report Outline (pdf, 173kb)
Hydraulic Report Checklist (pdf, 46kb)

Highway Runoff Manual
Erosion Control
NPDES Permits
Stormwater Research
Water Quality

Washington 2-hour Isopluvail Maps
Washington 24-hour Isopluvial Maps
Washington Mean Annual Precipitaion Map

Approved Drawings

Product Number: 00372519(pdf, 254kb)
Product Number: 00777501 (pdf, 254kb)
Product Number: 00777502 (pdf, 249kb)
Product Number: 00777011 (pdf, 63kb)