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Getting around Puget Sound area construction

Know before you go. Know on the go. Have a backup plan.

While we can’t promise a congestion-free commute, we will deliver information to help drivers make smart commute choices about getting around during construction.

Know before you go

Check current traffic

Our Seattle area traffic page delivers real-time traffic information using in-road sensors. We have more than 150 web cameras to allow you to see for yourself.

Get real-time travel times

The answers to the question, “How long will it take me to get there today?” Our in-road traffic sensors translate traffic into travel times. This allows you to budget your travel time accurately.

WSDOT has many twitter accounts. To get the latest information about construction or travel alerts in the greater Seattle area follow the @wsdot_traffic account.

Smart phones
Whether you have an iPhone, a Blackberry or an Android, you can get traffic information, Twitter posts, WSDOT news, WSDOT photos, pass conditions and WSDOT blog posts right on your phone. No matter what mobile device you use, we have an app for that, or you can use the small version of our site.

Find out where lane closures are
We catalog every single lane closure in the state. Find where and where your road will be closed.

Stay informed e-mail updates - Sign up to get upcoming closure data delivered to your inbox. You choose the route you want and we deliver short, succinct, pertinent information.

Know on the go

Listen to the radio WSDOT is in constant contact with radio traffic reporters to deliver real-time traffic information to drivers on the road.

Overhead message boards

These overhead signs let you know which lanes are closed, whether there is a collision ahead. They will also spell out alternate routes. These signs are updated frequently.

Highway advisory radio

When you tune your car radio to the AM station listed on the sign, you will get information about collisions, lane closures and delay estimates.

Have a backup plan

Re-invent your commute, with your feet, your bike, with the bus, with others. This site will take you to all your choices. You will find the one that's right for you.