Commercial Vehicle - Troubleshooting the CVISN Transponder

Report to scale red lights are sent for:

  • Overweight, over-axle weight or over-height.
  • The company’s safety records or registration status are not in order.
  • A normal 5% random pull in rate.
  • Special emphasis, federal government inspections or other mandated inspections.

Prevent unnecessary red lights by:

  • Centering the vehicle in the weigh in motion (WIM) lane to squarely cross the WIM device.
  • Maintaining a steady highway speed.
  • Providing at least a three second gap between your truck and other vehicles.
  • Securing tarps as tarps flapping in the wind can trip the over-height detector.
  • Avoiding dark, metallic window tinting or metallic windshield visors that can interrupt transponder signals.
  • Using only one transponder in the vehicle. If you have multiple transponders in the vehicle contact the Transponder Service Center at 1-888-877-8567.
  • Being aware that CBs may cause an interruption of the signal to the transponder.

Who do I call if I have a problem?

If the transponder does not receive a signal at a Washington weigh station or you consistently receive a red light on the transponder, please call the Transponder Service Center 1-888-877-8567 for assistance. For faster service, please have your license plate number, weigh station location, date and time of the signal in question ready.

How can I replace the battery in my transponder?

It is estimated a transponder battery has a 5-7 year life. Olympia’s BATTERIES PLUS has begun offering replacement batteries for the Delco transponder for less than $15 each. The cost includes the battery and installation. Truckers should contact Batteries Plus in Olympia at 360-570-0000, or ship transponders to 2905 Capital Mall Drive SW, Olympia, WA 98502-8635.