Commercial Vehicle Information Systems and Networks

What is CVISN?
The Commercial Vehicle Information Systems and Networks (CVISN) program was created to meet the common need to move freight safely, legally and economically.

Map of Electronic Screening Locations

Electronic Screening - How does it work? 
WSDOT has installed CVISN technology at 12 weigh stations in Washington. Using Weigh-in-Motion (WIM), Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI), and Automated License Plate Readers (ALPR) commercial vehicles are electronically screened on the mainline approximately ½ mile ahead of the weigh station. The trucks weight, size, registration and safety record are verified and within milliseconds a signal to either bypass the weigh station or report to the weigh station is sent to the vehicle. If a vehicle cannot be identified by a transponder or its license plate “Truck Exit To Weigh Station” is displayed on the changeable message sign. Learn more...

Automatic License Plate Reader

Photo of truck approaching camera Photo of transponder reader and ALPR camera

Transponder equipped trucks received over 2,020,038 green lights in 2018 Transponder equipped trucks were pre-cleared and received  2,020,038 green lights at Washington weigh stations in 2018. It is estimated that each bypass saves a carrier approximately 5 minutes and approximately $9.95 in operating and fuel costs. The savings to industry in 2018 was approximately 168,000 hours of travel time and $20 million dollars.