A well-structured telework program can enhance productivity, job satisfaction, and morale. Telework is a component of the Governor's "Building a Modern Work Environment" Executive Order 16-07. A mobile workforce provides staff flexibility in how, when, and where work gets done so employees can have work/life balance, improved wellness, increased job satisfaction, and engagement. Telework helps employers recruit and retain employees.

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These days technology makes it easy to carry your desk with you wherever you choose to work.
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For the right employee with the right kind of work, telework offers a surprising range of benefits. Many private businesses and public agencies know that a well-designed and thoughtfully managed program saves time and money for workers and their employers. It creates a more satisfied and efficient workforce; it supports continued operations during major emergencies, such as a storm or earthquake; and it reduces transportation emissions.

Transportation Secretary Roger Millar also issued an executive order directing WSDOT to build a modern work environment and create an organizational culture that empowers employees with choice, enables excellent performance, supports all generations, and is mindful of our impact on the environment. Telework and flexible schedules play an important role in achieving these goals.

Telework Resources

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WSDOT's telework program forms and materials may serve as helpful tools and examples for other employers. Feel free to reach out if that would be useful to you.