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Traction Advisories

Traction Tires Advised

Traction tires advised - oversize loads prohibited. Oversize vehicles may be restricted from roadways during severe weather conditions.

Traction Tires RequiredTraction tires required - Passenger vehicles must use approved traction tires. Chains are required on all vehicles over 10,000 gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR), including large passenger trucks and SUV's over 10,000 GVWR.
View the Stevens Pass and Snoqualmie Pass map of chain up and off areas (pdf 50kb).

Tire Chains RequiredTire chains required - except four-wheel/all-wheel drive. 

On a front-wheel drive vehicle, you must install chains on the front two tires. On a rear-wheel drive vehicle, you must install chains on the rear two tires. 

If your vehicle can not accommodate chains, the Washington State Patrol has a list of approved alternate traction devices that may be used when ‘Chains Required’ signs are posted on mountain pass highways. The list can be found at the WSP website.

Four-wheel/all-wheel drive vehicles are exempt from chain requirements when all wheels are in gear and are equipped with approved traction devices, provided that tire chains for at least one set of drive tires are carried in the vehicle. See WAC 204-24-050.