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Tribal Liaison - What We Do

The HQ Tribal Liaison focuses on government-to-government relations, communication, and education to help the tribes and the agency work effectively with each other. The HQ Tribal Liaison is available to work on all issue areas across the agency.

The primary duties of this position include:

  • Serve as a point of contact for tribes within WSDOT. Identify additional decision makers and technical staff who can also assist tribes with their questions or issues.
  • Recommend, in consultation with the Governor’s Office of Indian Affairs, tribes and other state and federal agencies, the most effective communication practices with Washington’s tribes. Train WSDOT staff on best practices.
  • Provide policy support to the agency. Develop, update and help implement WSDOT’s Centennial Accord Plan. 
  • Assist WSDOT regions and divisions as they develop program specific tribal policies and procedures. 
  • Coordinate with WSDOT regions and other tribal liaisons to ensure constant and effective communication with Washington tribes. When needed, the HQ Tribal Liaison can facilitate meetings, negotiate intergovernmental agreements and help reconcile differences between WSDOT and Tribal Governments.
  • Coordinate a biennial Tribal / State Transportation Conference between WSDOT and tribes.

In addition to the HQ Tribal Liaison, some offices and regions have their own Tribal Liaison or Tribal Coordinator (assigned from among existing staff) to serve as an interface between the region or office and local tribes. They help the local tribes, regional or office staff, counties and cities to work together on a local level.  The HQ Tribal Liaison works closely with office and regional liaisons and coordinators.